Welcome to the communtity.

ENT!TY is a sustainable clothing brand focused on human well-being.

It was born by bringing together great ideas, playful creativity, a great love of entrepreneurship and tremendous passion. 
As such, our brand is designed so that these four concepts are central to our thinking.
At ENT!TY, we want to share the beauty of cultures among us by linking our designs to proverbs from different languages and cultures.
Life lessons and food for thought give us a moment to reflect and hope for more inclusiveness and progressiveness in our society.

If you have an idea where you can't stop thinking about, just give it a try.


When you look up entity in the immaterial sense, you will find the meaning "a something that has an existence". In other words, there is no such thing as a right definition that you can use in every situation. You can neither feel it nor see it. However, an entity is a presence, a collection just like the community that ENT!TY wants to build over time.

Creativity is seeing what others see 
and thinking what no one else ever thought.


ENT!TY looks to the future with green glasses. We want to make our production process as sustainable as possible over time. To add to that, we would like to participate in the cleanup of land and sea. In this way, we too can make a difference to keep man's ecological footprint as low as possible. In the future we would like to contribute and donate to large projects such as The Ocean Cleanup, The Nature Conservancy, Sayap Africa,….

We will be unstoppable!

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.